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Visit Talking Sites

This page includes a list of talking web sites that are using SpeechPlugin to produce speech.

We encourage you to check them out.

To submit a talking web site, use this form.

Name Description
British Motor Manufacturers 1894-1960 Histories of all British Motor Manufacturers who were in business between 1894 and 1960, including those that never made it past the prototype stage.
Atelier de vocabulaire Vocabulary workshop where you can see, hear, write and test the words you learn in English.
Ozbytes Design Talking Web Site Ozbytes Design are a Business Services Service Company, offering a complete range of services from Web Site Design and Corporate Branding through to Language Translations, Radio and Television Advertising, Corporate Art Leasing and Offfice/Shop Refurbishments.
English Practice This page was created by Vic Garbutt, web designer, AKA, Videovic, to allow english learners a place to practice listening, and to improve their pronounciation and vocabulary. Install the plug-in and enjoy.
Disability Search Engine Disability Search is one of the only accessible search engines. It utilizes Speaks For Itself read any link contained in the search engine. It is designed to facilitate searching the internet for anyone who has difficulty reading (Low Vision, Learning Disabilities etc)
English Course Learn or improve your English with our course. We have grammar, exercises, listening, songs, chat and others resources. Itís free!
Talk with Molly Brant A.I. talk with Molly Brant A.I. Molly Brant A.I. is an artificially intelligent chat bot or virtual human that is learning about the life, history, language and events of the historical Mohawk woman known as Molly Brant or Molly Brown. Molly was married to Sir William Henry in the early 1800s.
Contentbank.org, a Project of TCP An online resource for low-income and underserved communities. A project of the Childrens Partnership (TCP).
Compleat Lexical Tutor Web site for lexical acquisition, course design, and research. In tutorial section, learners can look up new words in a million-word concordance, in a dictionary, and hear the word spoken by TTS. Bilingual (French-English).
FlashMX for Interactive Simulation The Abacus example on this site uses the TTS engine to create a talking tutorial of how to add on the Abacus. The TTS site is referenced in the book FlashMX for Interactive Simulation.
High Accessibility Pages (HAP) A web site dedicated to helping people design, implement and maintain documents and records.
ESL Speaks for Itself Read English while listening. For learners of English as a Second Language.
Freedom Masterclass Online e-classroom and free specialist newsletter in internet income streams, technology, marketing and copywriting for huge results in the 21st century.
Children's Pages Bible stories for children.
Chatback Javascript game Chat with Virtual Sean in this javascript game from Sean McManus
Knowledge Trail A site dedicated to tutoring elementary school students in mathematics.
Picture Me Books Picture Me Books introductory page. Talks about books where photos are inserted to make book personalized.
site LI (or kennys site) games, chatroom, reviews, useful stuff.
Free Books To Read Over 6000 books online to read or listen to. Free for all.
Ask ALEX ALEX is an experimental AI bot programmed to provide friendly 24/7 assistance to visitors looking for legal information on JURIST and elsewhere online.
Conversione Automatica Testo Voce talking site with short description (in Italian) of TTS principle and interactivity with navigators
Whitehaven :: Then and Now Let White-heaven, Then and Now take you on a journey of discovery from the past, into the present.
U.S. District Court for Western TN Attorney Handbook, Local Rules, online forms and court calendar. Juror Handbooks, Juror FAQs, Jury Duty calendars, Memphis and Jackson travel, dining, and parking guides, photos of our buildings, jury assembly rooms, court rooms, and links to other related resources.
VIETGlobe Articles Sit back and relax, enjoy the articles about Internet, United States, News, etc.
Pneumatics Online Pneumatics Online is THE Reference Source of the Pneumatics Industry, Online since 1997
Ye Old Greeting Cards Ye Old Greeting Cards talking e-cards to send to friends and family
Talk-n-Mail Anywhare Send cute talking greeting cards online and offline.
Hi Hopes Greetings Hi Hopes Fun and free talking greeting cards to send to family and friends.
Lifelong Learning Educational services for the residents of North Yorkshire, UK.
All About Our World Online talking library of information about the countries of our world.
Boy of the Future This is a development site for a series of interactive web characters.
I Love GOD Site containing sacred texts of various religions. Enables visitors to: Read, Share, Print, Search, Listen, Translate and Download sacred texts.
christain/family/help/health/kids/more We are a family site, with a lot to offer. Christian, health, massive kids room, help- suicide, drugs, teens, abuse, parents support groups, Christian chat, Bible search, talking Bible, free Bible software, family chat, games, news, sports, weather, downloads, food, books, gardening, home improvement, web master free content, and so much more. you will love WeLoveThisSite.
Oxford English Online Oxford English Online uses Speaksforitself in conjunction with Princeton Universitys Wordnet dictionary to help the user hear the pronunciation of over 120,000 unique English words, as well as the definitions and examples that accompany them.
BioExchange The portal for the biotech industry. E-Commerce, Auctions, I.P. Transfers, Procurements, News and Industry Information, and more...
Shakespeare To Read Totally free online talking library of Shakespeare plays as well as books discussing the plays.
123India.com Cricket 123India.com Cricket -For live coverage of matches, scorecards, statistics, cricket poll, news and more.
A bilingual ESL site A bilingual ESL site. Chinese and English.
A first talking page Investigating the use of the speech plugin for k-12 educators using Flash. Source code available on request.
Saratoga on-line education Provides on-line education and assessment to people wishing to learn share and futures trading.
BOTizen - robot citizen Offers automated online personality that engages and supports online customers in the same way that human representatives do.
Karmatetra Geometry of Awareness This is a contemplative space where Fractal geometry and Buddhist meditation come together. Open your mind to a Synergy of new ideas.
Cool Links Cool Links for shopping,fun games,chatting,horoscope,news,weather, travel,etc.
JOB2YOB (your own business) Stop being a financial failure - discover 2 marketing courses and a system that will change your life forever. Take your free 5 day test drive and start earning commissions today!
The English Journal The English Journal is a brazilian website, for students and teachers to meet, study, practice and stay tuned on the cultural events about English language in Brasil.
Development Multimedia. Development Multimedia.
South Carolina Rural Rehabilitation Netw This site provides information about service provision to personswith disabilities who reside in rural areas of South Carolina. Thesite serves both professionals and service consumers.
Virtual National Airlines Virtual National Airlines.Everything is better up here.
Remote Memory A simulation of my memory and the way I remember.There are novels, pictures and suggestions of words in a not-linear environment.This site is in Italian language.
Kox Kollum en Klassieken This site is dedicated to the promotion of classical studies.
King James Bible speaks For the visually impaired, It has the King James Bible in different styles for them. Also other information that is setup so they can use screen readers withease. As I get more time more books will be included along with humor. This site sells nothing it is just a public service.
Sticks Expermenting with TTS solutions for the blind.
E for teens Movie previews, interviews and more
LeVernici Technical informations on paints, polimers and varmish. Technical advices.
Thutmose3 Personal home page with online games, TTS chat and more.
Captn Angus Marine Consultant Everything marine for the yachtsman. Emphasis on Tall Ships.
tuSplat We are starting to build a humerous web site that talks.In fact it might be a bit lippy at times.
Heroes2000 and other works by Tom Weast Painting and drawing descriptions of recent work by Cincinnati,Ohio visual artist Tom Weast.The City of Cincinnati recently awarded this artist an Arts Allocation Grant to portray the citys school children titled Heroes2000. It dealt with 100 students and their thoughts on their lives.Artist biography, past exhibits,public critisisms make for an interesting addition to the site. Other experimental, social and political themed works are included by this award-winning artist.
A Web Designer custom and free graphics A Web Designer specializing in web designs for small to medium business,Custom Graphics,Talking sites,Database,Spreadsheet,Order on line,forms,shopping carts,credit card acceptance
Intourist Maldives We provide accommodation in resorts, safari vessels, arrange tours & many more ... for people who love to visit Maldives for their holidays
Freeware Not Shareware This site contains useful programs and utilities that are freeware.
Dr. Suarez.net Peruvian physicians web site. Medicine in cyberspace.
Listen English for Children For Chinese or Asian children. on line English listeninig.
Omega Online A game being developed by James Crockford and Marc Carroll.
Italian chemist's page Italian chemists page
British Motor Manufacturers 1894-1960 Histories of all British Motor Manufacturers who were in business between 1894 and 1960, including those that never made it past the prototype stage.
Hoyar Australia Talking Web Site HOYAR Technologies Inc. is a leading software publisher of educational solutions for P C based training. We have developed cutting edge network technologies and applied them in educational utility software. Our core technologies include multimedia transmission, compression, and system control applications, in a network environment. Based on our strong R&D team located in China, HOYAR Technologies have pioneered new ways to develop remarkable educational solutions for computer laboratories and training centers. Lab Commander is a superb electronic teaching learning platform, enabling high-quality instructions, communications and interactions between students and teachers.


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